Dianne’s role with TELUS was all about image and brand representation.  She was the senior officer responsible to forge a relationship with the community and fulfilled that role in an exemplary fashion.  Dianne developed a community investment model second to none in Canada.  She is the consummate professional, whether dealing with her peers, senior management or members of the public.  I would highly recommend Dianne for any position that required creativity, sound judgment, administrative management and a high degree of integrity and professionalism.

Georg K. Petty
President & CEO
TELUS Corporation

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"Dianne developed a community investment model second to none in Canada."

I first met Dianne Young while she was at TELUS.  We worked on some projects together and they turned out very well.  I thought she was pretty good.

When she went to the Stollery reports of her work there were all extremely laudatory and I came to understand she was really good. My first direct working relationship on a project with Dianne was the David Foster Foundation event in Edmonton, during which I learned first-hand that she was sensational.  I can’t count the number of times in planning meetings when, on learning that another facet of the project had to be dealt with, she said “I’ll take care of that”, and she always did.  I know that all of our colleagues on that committee will agree that the record setting $3.8 million success of that one day event is attributable in no small measure to her work.

The Honorable Tommy Banks
Senator (Alberta)
Government of Canada

I had a unique opportunity to be associated with Dianne when she was with TELUS and then then Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.  I also worked alongside Dianne in the creation and management of many not for profit organizations such FunTeam Alberta and Miss Rodeo Canada, particularly in the areas of strategic development, relationship building and effective communications.

Dianne has had an illustrious and distinguished career and life both in the private/corporate world and in the not for profit sector because of her commitment to excellence and her pride.  She has a unique gift for working with staff and volunteers alike because of her sensitivity, tolerance, understanding and gentle personality.  We have all benefited from and appreciated her counsel, advice, knowledge, experience and wisdom.

With each setting, environment, board or committee with which Dianne becomes involved, she gives them instant credibility and respect from the community, a true testament to her reputation.  Dianne is considerate, fair and positive, open minded, reliable, gracious, trustworthy and loyal.  She approaches each and every situation with the utmost of integrity.

Dr. Robert D. Steadward, PhD, O.C., LLD
TBL Sport Services Ltd.

Dianne brings to all tasks she undertakes, a unique blend of compassion and determination.  In my view, it was that blend of skills that led to the very considerable success achieved by the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation during her tenure.  Her compassion for the children being served by the hospital and for their families inspired all those that worked with her ~ staff, volunteers and donors.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.  Her organizational skills, intelligence and drive, along with her strong work ethic, enabled the Foundation to achieve and surpass its goals, year after year.

Dianne also demonstrates a unique blend of big picture thinking and attention to detail.  She led the development of a strategic plan for the Foundation that will serve to guide the organization for years to come.

To add to these qualities, Dianne is a very gifted public speaker.  Her words explaining the needs of the children served by the Stollery children’s Hospital, delivered at innumerable public speaking events, never failed to move those in attendance.

Dianne’s integrity is unquestioned.

Douglas Stollery
Legal Counsel

Dianne Young is an exceptional human being.

First, my assessments of her as a person.  Compassionate ~ she truly cares about people, community and charities.  Outreach ~ she is no “stay in the office manager”, constantly reaching out to others.  She has touched the lives of thousands, always making a difference.  Giving ~ she is prepared to help others with her time, wisdom, experience and knowledge.

Second, her competency; an accomplished administrator who has a solid reputation for being an exceptional manager.  Creative ~ ideas constantly flow; thinking that defies the common sense of worn patterns and explores new and ingenious ways of solving problems and inventing exciting solutions.  A Leader with strength and warmth; a rare combination, who inspires her staff and is prepared to be on the front line doing the grunt work.

Third ~ Futuristic, she invents the future.  Dianne has the ability to look far beyond the present, to create long term objectives and the strategies that bring an organization to new heights.

Robert C. P. Westbury, Ph.D. LLD. (Hon.)
Chair, TELUS Edmonton Community Board

Professionally and ethically, Dianne Young has proven herself to be a highly respected member of the Edmonton community.  I would describe Dianne as having unmatched leadership capabilities.  Dianne has demonstrated a unique ability to transcend what is merely required of her in order to make herself and those around her exceed expectations.  She not only rises to challenges confronting her, but she does so with an unwillingness to be satisfied with anything less than the best. *

Dianne directed the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation during a critical point in its history and achieved great success in transforming the Foundation into one which others use to benchmark their own achievements.  In addition to providing leadership to the Foundation, Dianne played an integral role in raising millions of dollars to support world class pediatric care in Edmonton and the Northern Alberta Region.  Success follows Dianne because of the passion and enthusiasm for the projects she undertakes.

Don Ghermezian
West Edmonton Mall Property Inc.

Thank you for being such a gracious and focused strategic planning facilitator.  Those on our Leadership Team who had experienced similar sessions in other contexts all acknowledged that this was one of the best sessions they have been at.  Everyone felt it was time well spent and I feel that we now have our feet planted on some solid starting blocks.

Gerald Krispin
Concordia University College of Alberta


“The children and future children of North America who become sick or injured will be much better off because of Dianne Young’s leadership during the critical years of the Foundation finding its way as a stand-alone entity.

Dianne is simply the consummate professional business person.  Whatever assignments Dianne undertakes are done to the absolute best of her ability, with 100% of her effort.  Her projects, proposals and presentations never come up short.  There is no position or project that I would not recommend Dianne Young for.”

Bruce Saville


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