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Predictable Futures

Predictable Futures focuses on helping business owners design and implement sound strategies to meet specific needs of the owner, the family and the business.  Dianne is an experienced facilitator of the Predictable Futures Pathway to Success process and has helped many business families navigate through the confusion and conflicts they often face as they work toward developing a seamless succession plan.  Her strong background in “soft skill” development helps strengthen relationships within the business family, while her solid business generalist experience helps ensure the company is poised for continued success.


Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation President & CEO

As President & CEO of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation for eight years, Dianne’s gift for bringing people together to share a vision was vital to the Foundation’s success.  She helped steward the Foundation through the completion of a successful $12 million capital campaign toward construction of a new children’s hospital.   She then led the organization through a transformation from the Children’s Health Foundation, a program-based fundraiser for the Regional Child Health Program, to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, the nationally recognized fundraiser for Edmonton’s world class children’s hospital.  Under her leadership, funds raised for the Hospital grew from $900,000 to over $12 million annually.  Prior to her departure, Dianne left a five year strategic plan in place that would see the Foundation raise $20 million each year.

Director of Community Relations, Telus Corporation

Prior to her appointment as President & CEO of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, Dianne served 11 years as Director of Community Relations for TELUS.   Leading a team responsible for image and brand representation, she ensured the company built and maintained a strong presence in key markets across the country.  A firm believer in the importance of both corporate and personal commitment to philanthropy, it was during her tenure at TELUS that Dianne established the TELUS Bright Futures Foundation to provide a clear and impactful focus for corporate giving.  She also developed the first corporate volunteer program in Canada, a strategic initiative that harnessed the energy of 12,000 employees to compliment financial contributions made by TELUS, one that earned the company a national award.

School of Business, Boston College

Born and educated in Edmonton, Dianne was the first Canadian to complete a corporate community relations program offered through the School of Business at Boston College.  The knowledge she gained reinforced her belief that there is a symbiotic relationship between healthy communities and the commitment and involvement of the people who live in them… one simply cannot happen without the other.